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Friday, January 15, 2010

Hi and welcome (spotify)

Well hi and welcome to my new blog all about free online services. Its called b1's tech blog because you can call me b1 and it is a tech blog.

Well I have some cool stuff to show you over the weeks but I will start with something that you may well have heard of and it is spotify. Spotify is a free service for anyone with a pc or mac and an internet connection. It is a service where you can play a massive music library through your computer . To use it on a phone or ipod touch you need to pay. I am also sorry to say that now you have to put your email address down and wait quite a long time to get an account and start using spotify unless you are willing to pay. Luckily I made an account early enough when you didn't have to wait. Just note that this is not a way to download free music but just to play it. If you want to download spotify just go to

I hope you find this helpful and come back to read next weeks post. I am not going to post exactly every week but I will try to post once a week.
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