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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Level R

Well i have been busy doing the website, forum and google chrome extensions lateley so i havent posted for a while but now i have something great.

This is a racing game called Level R and as with all software featured here it is free. You can download it from the website here. It is the European version of Project Torque so if you live in the usa then do a search for Project Torque. It is a great game with lots of game modes including normal races, capture the flag and speedway racing. You buy a car and then upgrade it to beat the opposition and earn more cash to buy ne cars and upgrades. As with a lot of games like this you can pay real money to get some ingame cash. This is a great free game that is being updated constantly so there are always new features.

So check out Level R at, go to the new b1 tech website at and remember to sign up for the forum where you can talk about anything tech related.

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